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    Robert MacKenzie
    Peter Madden
    Kynaston Reeves
    James Dyrenforth
    Stanley Maxted
    Marshall Thompson
    Kim Parker
    Terry Kilburn

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Fiend Without a Face B-Movie ReviewLet me tell you about "Fiend Without a Face." This movie terrified me as a young boy, because the title creatures are invisible during most of the movie. Mental Vampires in the Great White NorthDespite being made in England, and being produced and directed by Englishmen, (Richard Gordon and Arthur Crabtree respectively); 1958s Fiend Without A Face offers up a pretty fair slice of American Cold War pie. attempted with some success to rival Hammer with a distinctly trashier, but also more bizarrely inventive, brand of cinema nasty, often with more gore and a nastier tone, exhibited by the likes of Fiend Without A Face (1957) and Grip of the Strangler (1958).. With the climax in particular sticking in the mind long after the film is over. The sophomore also has the potential to appeal to a wide range of audiences,. Fiend Without A Face Fiend WIthout A Face the Sound MonitorI;m waiting for some sleazy B-Movie to have its soundtrack gutted and Fiend Without A Face forced in like a melodramatic Bill Shatner extra in the background. . From the Dust Returned: Denial Fiend - Horror Holocaust (2011)Yeah, the rest of the band do their job here, adequately, and the riffs and leads erupt like flesh grenades in "A Fiend Without a Face", "Stuck Pig/Bleeding Out", and so on, but about the only track on which Cook doesn;t steal the. The Metal Minute: Whattya Listenin; to Wednesday - 7/20/11On the flipside, I hate to keep acting like a fossil, but let;s talk about movie remakes a second. Fiend Without A Face (1958). Leder Cast: Marshall Thompson, Kim Parker, Kyanaston Reeves, Stanley Maxted, Terence Kilburn, Gil Winfield This is a great little disembodied brain movie full of cold war paranoia and strange science gone awry angst. Fiend Without a Face [Marshall Thompson] | DalanSine | Watch. His chapbook, "Goodbye, Excellent" will be released later in 2011.. You can buy the album in CD or MP3 versions from here.. That is all you have to order people for them to go, Oh, yes! That movie! I remember that movie! This 1958 British fright film might not be beloved,

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